I've always loved the board game RISK, so I made a couple custom maps of Europe and Asia, both to help one's knowledge of 19th century geography and because...why not? There are also labelled and demarcated bodies of water for naval battles.

Map of Europe Map of
Simple Map of Europe Simple Map of
Cards for Simple Europe Cards for
			EuropeEurope Backs
Map of Asia Map of
Simple Map of Asia Simple Map of
Cards for Simple Asia Cards for
			AsiaAsia Backs

These can be printed to full-sheet decals by cleverly using a large-image printer divider program, and affixed to some kind of sturdy particle board (I used bookbinding laminate to hinge them together). As for the pieces, unfortunately Parker Brothers (now owned by Hasbro) no longer produces the little plastic men, cavalry, and cannons (the modern RISK pieces are stupid little arrows), so you'll have to already own a set or order from eBay. You can get the ships by ordering each color from the Viktory II board game website (I think they are the perfect size, and historically accurate). Some information and naval rules we've developed can be found here:

Custom RISK Rules.

I've yet to produce the expert maps for use, since frankly you'd need at least 3 sets of each color just to occupy the board. Maybe someday...