Eggie in a Basket


  1. Cut a 3 inch diameter circle in the center of the sliced bread and remove the circle, or alternatively take a thin-rimmed glass and press onto bread until compresses through and remove the center piece
  2. Butter both sides of the bread, including the center slices
  3. Place center circles onto a griddle or flat pan on medium on the stove
  4. When visible butter has melted, flip circles
  5. When done (the above helps gauge cooking time) then remove to a plate with knapkins down (condensation will happen otherwise and make bread soggy), and place the main slices onto the pan
  6. Once visible butter has melted, flip slices and place small dollop of fat or butter in center, ready with the egg to break. Alternatively, you can break the eggs into small containers and pour into the hole and season as desired.
  7. Once bottom of egg has completely opacified white, but yolk still raw, pick up each slice, place another small dollop of fat or butter down, and flip with center directly on dollop.
  8. Check fluctuance of egg yolk for doneness, then remove onto a papertowel or napkin, and enjoy